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ghazal ramezani

Ghazal (Ghazaleh) Ramezani

Place of Birth:Milky way Galaxy, Solar system, Earth!

Time: Right here, Right now!

My main major on earth is Art and flying...exploring the galaxies ... but my long love affair with literature world made me end up writing and translating books. And in this very moment I am orbiting the Love Pulsar! :)

I’ve had the experience of translating several articles and publishing books in psychology, mysticism, cooking, novels and…It s been a long time that I wanted to pay my owe to those writers who have impressed my life some how and let my translated books to be available for all. Although nothing can take place for the joy of reading a paper book, but internet and world wide web is the only place I could achieve this goal. Galaxywalker Website is mainly a project about Love! E-Publishing and fulfilling my diverse and sometimes paradoxical goals and desires! I hope you wont get lost in my Space :)